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Kristen Stewart: Haute Couture 2014 - Chanel

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I never made that journey to Balham. So the scene in which I confess to them is invented, imagined. And, in fact, could never have happened… .because Robbie Turner died of septicemia at Bray Dunes on the first of June 1940, the last day of the evacuation…and I was never able to put things right with my sister Cecilia….because she was killed on the 15th of October, 1940 by the bomb that destroyed the gas and water mains above Balham tube station. So, my sister and Robbie were never able to have the time together they both so longed for… and deserved.

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I have been a wedding photographer for most of my life and I know when two people love each other deeply and that’s what I saw.”

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official family portraits

Happy birthday to this beautiful little boy!

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Theo quickly taking his gear off to help Shai who’s struggling with hers

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Jenny Lewis - Just One of the Guys (x)

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